Critical path optimization in construction management

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Abstract. Article 2 Case study Mini Sky City

The building of the pyramids, in approximately 2600 BC., illustrates the oldest project form known in the construction industry. In spite of the industry’s long history, the project form is widely discredited for being the least developed segment, regarding productivity, in the last 50 years. <>

The main focus of this article is to improve project productivity, visualized by shortening the duration time of the typical critical path in large construction project. Why build in lego if you can build with duplo!? This is done by taking dependent BDS parts away from the construction site and assembling them into BDS components indoors in a closed environment production facility (modular construction). In this way, more key activities can be started simultaneously, minimizing cost and waste, and more easily controlling component deliveries -all aspects of lean thinking. Combined with the modular concept, this article also focuses on the use of cross functional teams in the production and construction phases of a project; all aspects which can improve the extremely fixed critical path found in the industry today. Lastly, the suggested improvements are critically reflected upon and supported by real life projects and academic articles.

  1. Context
    1. Basically the Abstract
  2. Challenge
    1. How to improve productivity in construction projects, from a PM point of view.
  3. Solutions
    1. Modular construction
    2. Cross functional craftsmen team
  4. Implication
    1. Improvments are critically reflected on….
  5. Annotated bibliography
    1. ..and supported by real life projects and academic articles.
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