Essential Managerial Tasks

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Companies and organizations have to use their resources in the best way in order to provide their customers with good service and products, and attain the company’s goals. The managers of the company can use resources such as skilled employees and people, computer and technology, finance and customers. In order to use these resources and achieve the company goals, the management of the organizations can help by performing four essential managerial tasks: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.

The first task is Planning where the company goals are set, while also setting a strategy and game plan for achieving the company goals. The next task is Organizing where the structure of the organization and network is determined and the resources are allocated. Leading is to motivate and coordinate people and groups in order to achieve the company goals. The last task, Controlling means to evaluate how well the company is doing in order to reach the company goals.

All managers have to perform these tasks, which can be used as guidelines for achieving the company goals and solving potential problems. The efficiency of a company describes how well the managers use their resources while the effectiveness defines setting the right goals and achieving the goals. How efficient and effective the company is can be determined by how well the managers handle the four tasks. The effectiveness and efficiency rises along the management's performance of the tasks. [1]


The Four Managerial Tasks





Performing Managerial Tasks



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