Managing meetings

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Meetings are one of the most important activities in project work and organization.

Meetings form the context of many very different project activities.

Limited focus on the organization and design of meeting.

  • The meeting must not be the waste of time
  • Strive for effective meetings
  • Design and facilitate meetings based on the purpose

Effectivemeetings -3 phases

The necessity of the meeting Clear agenda Meeting minutes
Involvement and invitation of the important and relevant persons Clear timeframe Defining deliverables
Coordination of calendars ( Clear purpose Follow-up
Prepare agenda outlining purpose and expected deliverables Dialogue instead of monologue
Define roles and responsabilities

Design and facilitation of different meetings

Meeting type Purpose Examples
Involvement meetings Create enthusiasm, motivitation, interest, shared understanding and acceptance Kick-off meetings
Information meetings
Ideation meetings Collaborate in order to get as many ideas as possible Brainstorming
Product and Concept-development meetings
Problem solving meetings Finding solution(s) to a given problem Crisis meeting
Planning meetings
Decision meeting Making decisions based on submitted/presented material Board meetings
Follow-up meetings
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