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The success of any organization – being a commercial company or non-profit organization – is highly dependent on the level of alignment the organization is able to execute on. The mission and vision statement of an organization expresses the end goal – our north star. In order to achieve these goals, a strategy – the game plan of how to get there – is formulated. In order to execute on this strategy, you need to design the organization that suits and enables the strategy. The success criteria’s of and the organizations ability to execute projects is closely linked to their ability to design and structure the organization. They must have a clear organizational structure in order for the organization to execute the strategy and thereby achieve the goals efficiently. [1]

The purpose of this article is to address and stress the importance of organizational design (including organizational structures needed for a project organization within a classical line organization) in order for the organization to become successful in practice. The article addresses - step by step - the important concepts and the application of how to obtain an optimal organization design that is need to execute on the portfolio management part of the strategy. It provides the tools and accumulated experience in order to become a good and successful practitioner.

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  1. Kates, A. & Galbraith, J., Designing Your Organization: Using the Star Model to Solve Five Critical Design Challenges, 2007.
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