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Abstract : Communication strategy in project management is one of the most important method to improve the project and be able to carry forward the project effectively. Every time a project starts there are several ways to initiate and continue working on this, for this reason it is important to have a good communication, especially for the project manager, who has to be a good communicator. Looking through the processes that lead to the realization of the project we can argue that there are also several tools and methods we can considering to understand how the communication should be important in order to understand what, where and how is needed working on this project. A successful project management communication is realized being inside the challenge and understanding the issues of the project and of the team, that is working on it. In this article it will be shown the main project management communication issues and how to control them: Communication of the Vision, Progress, Presentation of the project's status, Methods of communication, Listening and being there; Focusing on tools and techniques starting from the Communication Plan and the Communication Technology Assessment.

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