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Stakeholders and stakeholder analysis

A stakeholder is either an individual, group or organisation who is affected by the output of a project. They have an engagement in the achievement of the project and can be inside or externally the organisation that is supporting the project.

Stakeholder analysis is referred as the systematic gathering and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to decide whose interests should be taken into consideration throughout the project. The objective of performing a stakeholder analysis is to provide the project manager and project team an overview of the people who have interest in the project.


Stakeholder analysis process

There are several approaches regarding the stakeholder analysis process in the bibliography, but most of them have a common philosophy and can be summarised in four principal steps : Identifying, Prioritising, Profiling and Managing Stakeholders.

Identify stakeholders

The first key step in stakeholder analysis process is to identify all the people(individuals or groups) and organisations that are impacted by the project, and report all relevant information concerning their interests, engagement, influence and affect on project success.

Prioritise stakeholders

Profile stakeholders

Stakeholder Management Processes


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