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Mette: I like this topic, however, I suggest to focus on a specific area, otherwise, your article may end up a bit generic, and not as interesting as it could be because it is too broad. So think about tools for fine-tune ideas for projects and then pick one you can really go into details with.

Reviewer 1: s113665

  • Very nice structure! Nice overview and easy accessibility.
    • Thanks
  • Looks good with the graphics.
  • Language is kind of hard to understand.
    • A few sentences should be rephrased. I would recommend having that in the back of your head when you’re proofreading it.
      • I agree and changed some of the sentences when I reread it.
  • Minor spelling errors
    • Tried to find and fix them
  • Missing words
    • Such as ‘the’ and ‘it’
      • I noticed couple section and added them
  • Punctuation (long sentences).
    • Try splitting some of them up and perhaps rewrite a few of them.
      • Also notice some hard to understand sentences and rewrited them
  • The article seems a bit generic caused by the broad approach.
    • The limitation and conclusion may, however, help this issue on the right path, looking forward to revisit it!
      • I tried to make more sense to them now
  • Even though you basically use the method recommended, I have a hard time follow the ‘red-line’ through the current article (related to the bullet point above).
    • Perhaps write a ‘sub-conclusion’ within each chapter of the current article, to relate that given chapter to the main subject.
      • I changed some of the chapters to make it more understandable

A single proofread and adding of the ‘red-line’ throughout the article will make it a nice and well-defined article! …Of course you need to finish it as well... ☺ happy writing and read you later!

Thank you for helpful and good comments :)

Reviewer 2: S141543

  • This is an interesting idea to write about
    • Nice that you like it
  • I do not understand what sentence two in the abstract means, possibly it should be re-written
    • I agree it was badly made, now it is changed
  • Otherwise, the abstract looks good to me
    • Thanks
  • Project management chapter seems to be more about a specific project than the concept of project management
    • I modified it to make it more clear
  • The planning section is well done in my opinion
    • Ok
  • Could come up with an example of a decision that has to be made in the decision making phase.
  • The article needs references
    • Added them
  • The word structure in the article is a little confusing at times
    • I changed then and tried to make it better
  • I do realize that this article is a work in progress
    • It was :)

Reviewer 3: Lea

  • You are following the method article. Unfortunately, I am not able to follow the thread of your article. I am not sure if you are done writing yet, but in my opinion there has to be a higher focus on where you want to lead the reader.
    • I have made changes now
  • The subject sounds interesting and it applies to the course. As mentioned above the structure could hace more precision and guidance in order for the article to have more meaning.
  • Grammar is good. Some sentences are too long for me (personally) to read. Maybe split some of the sentences to let the reader understand the text better.
    • I agree and changed some of the sentences.
  • The figures you have used correspond to the text and make sense.
    • Ok
  • Concerning the length, you are on a good way, but there is still room left to fill around 3000 words.
    • I have added length on it
  • The abstract has a good length but does not give clarity about the article. Maybe try to explain the table of contents to the reader.
    • I made minor changes to that but not much
  • Sources and Annotated bibliography: Up to now there are no sources. Make sure to add sources in order to avoid plagiarism.
    • Those have been added
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