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Kristine: It is an interesting subject you have chosen. I am not exactly certain I understand the specific tool you are talking about, but it might very well be much clearer in the final wiki feed. Remember to follow the structure as mentioned on the main page.


Feedback by S141506, Reviewer 1

I notice that you are not yet done with the article which is totally fine :) I will try to give you feedback on the material that you have the best way as I can.


  • I think it is good and chronologial structured. The pictures helps to understand the idea behind the text.

Thank you, i tried to write the article as clear as possible.

  • The language is overall good but there is in somepoint grammar mistakes in the text. Those are good to correct before the final handin.

I review the grammar, hope now is better.

  • The chapter "Main group of project problems" looks confusing that should made look different.

I change the chapter and i add a new diagram for better understanding, hope now is clear.

  • References and bibliography are missing but they are probaply on their way...You have authors writen in the text, so remember to also have the reference at the bottom.

Yes, there are now

  • The Barriers of identification looks nice.


  • The article will also come more clear when it is finished, now it is still little bit unbalanced.

Now is finish, add some diagrams, references, bibliography and conclusion.


  • The abstract tells in nicely all what is needed know about the article.

Good, that is the feeling i want that you will have :)

  • Some sentences are very long and it makes them confusing, for example "The complexity and uncertainly in the development of the process of the project make difficult to achieve the requirements adapted in the early stage of the project and not have a failure." These kind should be written in more understandable way.

I rewrite some sentences, hope now is better. Thank you very much for your feedback, helps me to improve the article. Good luck with yours :)

Reviewer 2: s113665

  • The abstract is simply great! Well written and really catches the reader. I actually want to keep reading in this late hour of a long day! ;)

Nice to hear, that is the feeling i want that you will have :)

  • My view of the article hasn’t changed after reading the rest! It’s a good article with good language and a very nice structure.

Thank you

  • The graphics is a nice touch as well.

Thank you, wanted to clarify some aspects

  • Minor spelling errors and typical draft-mistakes.
    • Example; 2nd sentence in ‘Introduction’. ‘Apply’ should be ‘applied’

I fixed and review the grammar, hope now is better

  • Along with the bullet point above, there are a few sentences that are too long.
    • Consider rephrasing those while proofreading it!

Agree, i try to rephrase them

  • Along with the (hopefully) upcoming ‘references’ and ‘ bibliography’, it would be a nice and final touch to add a conclusion section of some sort.

Yes, good point. I added a conclusion as well the references and bibliography, Thanks for the advice!

A single proofread and maybe adding of the conclusion will make it a nice and well-defined article! …Of course you need to finish it as well... ☺ happy writing and read you later!

Thanks for your feedback, hope the article looks much better now. Good luck with yours!

Reviewer 3: S141543

  • This is an interesting idea to write about

Thanks, i thought the same when we did in class the 1 game

  • I do not understand what sentence two in the abstract means, possibly it should be re-written

I fixed, hope is fine now

  • Otherwise, the abstract looks good to me


  • Project management chapter seems to be more about a specific project than the concept of project management

I fixed the structure of the article and added some diagrams to clarify some aspects

  • The planning section is well done in my opinion
  • Could come up with an example of a decision that has to be made in the decision making phase.

I mentioned that.

  • The article needs references

I added, it was in process :)

  • The word structure in the article is a little confusing at times

i tried to make more clear the article, hope is fine now

  • I do realize that this article is a work in progress

Thanks for your feedback, good luck with your article

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