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Abstract Feedback

Text clarity Text is coherent

Language Minor errors e.g. writing "kids" instead of "kinds"

Description of the tool/theory/concept Okay, but add references to increase credibility. The abstract can be expanded

Purpose explanation Good, but can be improved:

  1. Consider explaining the structure and content of the article to align reader expectations

References Missing appropriate references to mandatory list of references

Relevance of article Good, but consider the following:

  1. Who is the reader? Project Manager or Sponsor etc?
  2. Try linking the topic to a project life cycle (check PMBOK)
  3. Consider linking this to creating a business case?

Feedback 1 | Reviewer name: Aksel Watson

Question 1 • TEXT

Quality of the summary:

Answer 1

The summary is very good, and get to the point quickly. It gives a good overview of what you are about to read and make the reader interested. There are a bit of grammatical and spelling mistakes that should be corrected.

Question 2 • TEXT

Structure and logic of the article:

Answer 2

The argument is good, and indicates the importance of feasibility studies within any industry. The part of the article that is written has a good flow, and shows step-by-step how to conduct a feasibility analysis to start with.

Question 3 • TEXT

Grammar and style:

Answer 3

Very few grammatical errors. Read it through once more, and the last mistakes will be caught.

Question 4 • TEXT

'Figures and tables:

Answer 4

The are no tables and figures.

Question 5 • TEXT

Interest and relevance:

Answer 5

It is very academic relevant, since a feasibility study is relevant in many projects. Maybe you could write a an introduction for the process to show which type of projects need a feasibility and which does not.

Question 6 • TEXT

Depth of treatment:

Answer 6

At the moment the article is very descriptive – but when the points are filled in, I think the article will be a good and contribute to what you find on the internet.

Question 7 • TEXT

Answer 7

There is only one source, however this source is both relevant and denoted correctly in the text and in the end

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