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Kristine: Great to see you have found a relevant tool to describe. Good to see you have the structure of the article all figured out.

Reviewer 1, 150477

The article has been accessed the 22/09/2015 at 21 p.m.

  • Overall overview.

The presentation and the overall writing are very clear and clean. The article is well organised and structured with the big idea, tools used in Gantt chart, one simple example and the limitations. It is also completed, with 3000 words. Even without any knowledge of the subject, it becomes accessible through the article.

  • Formal aspect.

No mistakes noticed, the vocabulary is very precise and the formal aspect of the Wiki seems to me perfectly mastered. The references and the links inside the article are well used in order to explain technical aspect through other pages. However, the parts could be more balanced between a really big first part “Use” and the others which are smaller, especially “Application”.

    • I've tried to write a bit more in the 'Application' part.

  • Schemas and photos

They are clearly identified and used in harmony within the text. Maybe a picture for illustrate easily what is a critical path can improve the comprehension of this technical notion. Maybe a picture of a Gantt on MS Project can improve the part “Application”.

    • Good idea, I have added an illustration showing the critical path. I'm not sure what you mean with the picture of Gantt on MS project..
  • Links, connections and comprehension.

The article describes the subject in a logical way with description, application, example and limitation. It is a method description so the structure choice makes perfect sense to me. Maybe you can describe farther the software used for Gantt chart to ensure people who will read your article that is a really useful tool.

    • I have chosen not to write more about the softwares since I just wanted to show that there exist programs made for creating Gantt charts
  • Bibliography

The references seem to be very serious one. The explanations for each reference are developed. Maybe one or two more can be better.

    • Good idea, I have added one reference extra in bibliography
  • Conclusion and advices:

From my very own point of view the subject is perfectly explained and presented. It is easy to understand and it is important with this topic so basic in Project Management. If the part “Application is more developed with descriptions of software used and one picture, it will become more interesting. The use of examples really simple is perfect to understand Gantt chart in Project Management. The actual formal presentation is perfectly acceptable and describes the Gantt chart in a logical way.

Wiki feedback from s117318

  • Nice figures, great references
  • Be more specific for your topics. Fx. USE? Use of what? Edit the topic/headlines.
    • I'll try to do so.
  • Could you make even more topic? 1. Use 1.1 Dependencies... 1.2 Critical Path.. 1.3 Ects...
    • Good idea. I have made some more headlines in the article
  • Need discussion, maybe you could add more to the last topic "limitations"
    • I'm not sure if there should be a discussion since it is an article about one specific tool, so I have chosen not to do one. However, I'll try to write a bit more in the 'Limitations' part.
  • Be more specific: For instance, Here is an example of how to use. Could you be more concrete? Avoid words like "here".
    • I'm not sure what you mean with more specific - But I have rewritten all the 'here' places (:
  • Great example, simple and easy to understand
  • I think you can add some more text!
    • I really want to do that, but I have run completely out of ideas of what I should write about.
  • Nice you are using the figures in your article.
  • Your language is easy to understand, great work.

Wiki feedback from s142823

  • Globally a nice article,well structured.
  • Layout pleasant
  • Some minor Grammatical mistakes.
    • Thanks, I'll try to find and fix them.
  • Good idea to illustrate what is written with some GANTT pictures. However, maybe you should choose pictures easier to understand quickly.
    • When you say that some of them there is a bit hard to understand, I guess you a talking about figure 3? I chose that one to show how complicated they can be, so I have decided to keep it, since it illustrates it quite good I think.
  • About the “Example of Managing a project with Gantt Charts”, it would be interesting to describe the all process more in detail with more illustrations such as one for the WBS.
    • I get your point, and it is a good idea. But instead of creating a WBS for the example part, I have described how to make a WBS in the 'application' part in order to give a general example.
  • Good presentation of references
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