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Feedback - Char

Reply by Liclawio (author) done in BOLD

In general, thank you for some good, and usefull feedback. I think I have managed to incorporate most of it.

Where notes or positive feedback have just been given in general, (bullit)points have been skipped. Specific points will be replied with actions/lack of actions


  • Good critical approach
  • Nice language
  • Good and clear structure
  • Code the references.
  • The length is good. You cover the chosen subject.


  • The introduction is very catchy

So, what does the literature say Comparable standards

  • You could add a more history view on the KPI in order to create and understanding of he term. When where the term used first, develop etc.

I bit more info has been added, but in general it has been omitted. I think the historic overview is in other sections, and this paragraph is about the current standards.

  • You could create a table with the different standards, their description, KIPs and diversity. This will create a overview of the different standards and make it easier for the reader to compare them.

A table has been added to the section, to attempt to give an overview.

Additional related material

  • Look at CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). This is a process that determines/viewer (by some kind of measurement) maturity of different processes and thereby show where there need to be improved

I don't know much about the theory and concept behind this. From the few think I could read in the general wiki, it seems both interesting and could be relevant, but it is omitted basically due to lack of knowledge and time to get enough in depth with theory to apply it properly.

The setup How to define KPIs

  • Very good discussion about the number of measurements.

Scorecards and Dashboards

  • Add figure of the Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Explain what parameters the two setups are containing in order to create overview and how they are using the information and data.
  • You could expand your description about the differences between the scorecards and dashboards. The whole section is a bit short.

Reply to all bullit-points. Two figures, one of each, added as example. Section in general have been elaborated further as I agree it was somewhat short.

Discussion Strength and weaknesses

  • Good discussion. You are covering many different perspectives.

Implementation advice

  • The examples create a good overview and understanding.

Feedback provided by Lyngby

In general, thank you for some good, and usefull feedback. I think I have managed to incorporate most of it.

Where notes or positive feedback have just been given in general, (bullit)points have been skipped. Specific points will be replied with actions/lack of actions

I was happy to learn more about the implementation of KPIs and some softwares related. It is an interesting article with a logical flow. Your cross-references are very detailed and you do not forget to categorize your article. The use of some concrete examples (introduction, additional related material) make it more pleasant to read.

However :

- I would add an abstract (summary) to help the reader quickly determine the article´s purpose.

Abstract/summary added to beginning.

- Comparing the standards, you could add more details about each of them. For example mention that PMI is an American Standard, IPMA is a European one, Prince 2 is from the UK and ISO is international.

Added a table to attempt to create more overview (feedback from other user). Added a bit introduction on each regarding background of each standard.

- I find the paragraph about Scorecards/Dashboards interesting, but not detailed enough. For example, a concrete example would make it more relevant.

  • Two figures, one of each type, added as example. Section in general have been elaborated further as I agree it was somewhat short.'

- You could draw a table to summarize the strengths and weaknesses at the end of the paragraph Strengths and Weaknesses.

Good idea; table drawn to create easy overview.

- It would be great if you could add some pictures, for example a picture showing the results that can be obtained using Single KPIs/Klipfolio. - It could be nice to provide concrete examples of companies/projects using theses softwares.

Reply to both. Omitted action. Basically due to possible legal actions / copyright infringement.

- I would add a conclusion.

Omitted action. I don't think an article should have a conclusion. I'm aware the setup is a bit of a "bastard" but my perspective is, a conclusion would be ill placed.

- I think there are some grammatical mistakes. Here are some corrections:

Thank you for a thorough walk through. I managed to catch some of them myself, but some have been missed, so great use. Most have been implemented, a couple omitted. See comment below


  • No matter, whether you have a small one man business or is (are?) the director for a large corporation, whether you manage a project, a portfolio or are just trying (are trying/try?) to get a small task like making a grocery list and getting the shopping done in time, the knowledge of whether you are on the right track and on time can prove crucial.”
  • for some reasoning : Do you mean “for some reasons” ?
  • "more or less none of the chief executives” Do you mean ”almost none” ?

All included.


  • “The ISO 21500 standard [2] has most of it focus toward's” : ISO 21500 standard [2] is mostly focused towards
  • but it IS WITH an overall APPROACH, and not very specific.”
  • “The Prince 2 standards [4], gets yet TO a level higher” Is it singular or plural ? The same remains for “These includes” : This includes ?

All included.


  • “The executive management does not have a need for information regarding the day to day performance. They need a larger scale…” In the first sentence you use a singular and a plural in the second one. I think it would be better to choose either for singular or plural in both sentences.

Omitted, as I disagree. Executive management in this is The board of directors, ie. a group of people, why I thinnk it should be plural.

  • 3 monthS or 6 monthS'

Agree and included.


  • First of all, as explained elsewhere,” You should maybe precise where/in which part of the article. For example, say, “as explained in the previous paragraph”.

Agree and added/changed.

  • having the grand overview,” I would say large/broad overview

Omitted; grand and large/broad is more or less the same, so sticking with initial text.


  • Strength and Weakness: I would either use a plural or singular, but the same for both of them.
  • if the KPIs implemented are not performing properly, are not properly defined or haVE some defects.” Use a synonymous for properly : correctly/adequately
  • management runS the risk
  • “A list OF a few examples

Agree and implemented on all above

  • Avoid repetition of run the risk : take the chance ?

Omitted. Take a change is something else. I agree it does come a couple of times, but difficult to find synonym to risk, so original wordings kept in text.

- I think there are some typing errors:

  • KPIs had a quick revival when theY hit the management market back
  • on a very high, general, level” There are too many commas.
  • The task pf comparing performance” : OF
  • bypically” : Typically

Agreed and implemented in all above

  • Monitoring and Controlling Process Group or project work” I would only use capital letters for the word Monitoring since you do not use any for project work.

Agree as general rule, but comment is omitted as it is a direct quote from the standard, why spelling must be maintained.

- Some sentences are a too long according to me, especially in the introduction. I would split some of them to make the reading easier. For example: “If you are a single person, doing a simple task, odds are, that you are at least somewhat aware of the progress. But if you are a manager, with multiple persons working with you towards a common goal, perhaps even trying to juggle multiple projects within a portfolio, it can quickly prove more difficult to maintain the overview of the combined work progress.

Have attempted to re-scope a couple of sentenses here and there.

Good luck

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