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Group 1: Nguyen MichaelMichael nguyendtu

Leading an offshore team

Reviewer 1: s141592

To start with,in general this article is very good,clear and understanding with many examples and projects to attract many readers from the first sentences.By continuing reading it everyone can solve all their questions about the leading of an offshore team.

Formal aspects:

  • This article is free of grammatical errors or spelling errors.
  • The most of the sentences are very clear with the right size of sentence and the most successful examples.
  • By reading this you can understand the meaning of the article.
  • The article is written formal and it follows the wiki standards with a picture that contains interesting information.

Content aspects:

  • I think that it is an article is helpful for practitioner because it describes the leading of the offshore teams from a very realistic point of view.
  • The size of the article is perfect,not too long or too short.Everyone can read it without being board or not understanding.
  • Most of the parts are tied together and anyone can notice clearly the parts.
  • The summary contains the most of the parts that you will meat in the article.
  • The article also provides many sources and several studies and practical cases.
  • The article contains bibliography.
  • I doubt that the article seems to be copy and paste because by reading it you can notice the authors mentality.
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