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From Murcs


  • I can see that you have gotten of to a good start, but that there are still a lot of things to do, which I am sure you know :)


  • Second I see that you have been referencing to articles and authors, so remember to also have the reference at the bottom.
  • There are some spelling mistakes, and grammar (not that many) maybe adding it to word can help you identify some of them.
  • I think that the structure of your report will look good when you are finished since you are already using the different types of headings, which is important to make it easy to read
  • The Abstract should maybe be moved up to be at the top of the article.


  • The first step would of course be to try and fill inn all your headlines, which I assume was your plan.
  • Some type of visualization is also a good idea to make it more clear, if of course there are any that you find relevant. Just remember to make them yourself.
  • Since the article is not complete I find it a little hard to actually know what the Monte Carlo Simulation actually is, but this will become clearer when you finish it.
  • And from want I got you can use Monte Carlo simulation for projects, programs and portfolios?
  • If you like and I have the time I could maybe come with some feedback when you are finished? I will come back and see if you have commented on that you would like that :) Have a nice day

Review from Violet

Generally, I like the structure of your list of contents, which I will suggest to add also the discussion and the reference bullet point. I will also suggest to add some figures and tables which will give to your content some visual overview.

About the abstract, I like the way it starts,one sentences, that impact and make the reader to wake up its interest on the article. I will suggest to add more detail information about the reasons why you choose to use Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk analysis.

About the rest of the report, I will also suggest that you include your reference details at the end and I will also add, that I will love to review your wiki article later on for given you feedback if you are interested.

Good luck

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