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Mette: Hey, I like your idea. Nice to see that you are already a long way with your article. I feel that maybe you should limit what you want to tell in the article and thereby make the article more concrete. Keep an overview of the structure and remember the structure of a "method article".

Reviewer 1 (s141573)

I think the overall article presents a good the structure, detailed explanation and covers all the aspects to be taken into account.

However sometimes it seems disconnected with the project management context.

I found hard to understand what’s the role of this model in the overall project management process.

In my opinion, you could add at the introductory part more information about the general philosophy before to start talking about the method.

I’d also suggest to focus more on the connection between the model and the benefits it can deliver to a project (ch. 4 benefit – ch 5. Limitations). I think this part could be the most interesting of the whole article, since it describes the applications of the model.

In addition, I’d suggest to check the English fluency (ex. Continued business justification)

Good luck with the rest of the course!

Reviewer 2:s142911

  • You are following the “methods” structure but in that case I would add also a section about the applications of the method.
  • The structure seems good to me. It give also a logical flow through the article. Nice that you have almost completed.
  • Sometimes you have used abbreviations even thought in a scientific paper must be avoided.
  • Remember to name all the figure and add a reference to them, If not made by you.
  • From a personal point of view, I found the figures placed in the middle of the page a bit confusing. Furthermore, they make the article looks longer since they require much more space. Usually Wikipedia pages have the figures on the side.
  • With the understanding that I do not have any knowledge about PRINCE2, the article length seems a bit excessive (around 4500 words)
  • I would add references in order to support some sentences. (i.e. Manage by exception: this principle allow a high reduction of problem). In addition, remember to add a brief summary of all the sources.

Reviewer 3, s112960


  • Overall I think the article is well written and interesting.
  • It clearly follows the method structure
  • Interesting topic
  • Since you have so many headings you might consider making them bigger so there is a bigger difference between the headings and subheadings


  • Good abstract, well written and to the point.


  • Very well overview.
  • You mention that PRINCE2 allows more efficient control etc. You might want to mention what alternative you are comparing it to. Is it of traditional approaches or?
  • It might be interesting to compare this model to a generic stage-gate model.

The seven principles

  • Good that you mention the overall assumption
  • It’s interesting that you mention the principle to be empowering. Maybe you could elaborate on that?
  • Since it’s seven principles you might want to number them for clarity reasons
  • There are some places you could make the writing more academically e.g. ‘As just said…’ you could write something like ‘as stated above…’
  • There is a principle ‘Focus on Products’. You might want to clarify earlier that the model is about products and that projects about services etc. are not included (or if they are clarify it in this section)

The structure

  • Good illustration, however remember a reference and figure text
  • You might want to think about placing the illustration to the right of the text, which might make it look a bit less messy.
  • The second illustration could be bigger so it’s easier to read the text.
  • Some of the parts can become somewhat broad. An idea could be to link to examples or case studies showing the actual use of this.
  • You might consider mentioning all the themes in the ‘introduction text’ so we get an overview before going into each theme
  • like the illustration but it should be bigger and thus more readable
  • You state that ‘It’s likely to be impossible running a project without a plan’. I would challenge that statement – I think you can easily do that. However, it is very unlikely that it will succeed or even to know if it is succeeding.

Benefits and limitations

  • Clear stated benefits that are easy to understand
  • You might consider when you state all the benefits what you are comparing the model to (benefits compared to not using any model or PRINCE1 or…?)
  • It’s some very interesting limitations that you state.


  • Remember the annotated bibliography
  • It might be an idea to have the name PRINCE2 in the title as well when people search for it e.g. Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2), a process-based…
  • This is a very thorough article – good job! You might want to zoom in on certain aspects

Good luck with the rest of your writing!

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