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Review from Username111

The topic seems relevant even though it is a very common used method. But many project managers (or student within project management) may neglect some aspects of what seems to be a simple method, and therefore I believe that a compressive description of the method is interesting. It seems like to topic lies under the "introduction and overview" category, since no specific guidelines for using the method is described.

I will start by some overall considerations:


The overall structure of the article seems very throughout. Personally, I'm not a fan of 3 x sub headings (e.g. Walmart example). I don't believe it is necessary to divide it this much in a short article like this. I would consider to skip the 3 x sub headings.

This will make the table of content a bit more easy to grasp.

    • Personally I think it is easier and faster to find the relevant information, when it is divided, even though it is a short article


I don't see any references anywhere, other than your bibliography in the end. You need to show where you use the different sources in your text. I know that the SWOT matrix is a proportional simple method, and you properly would be able to describe it without any use of references. However! This should be an academic article, and therefore it is very important part of the article. There is lot of different ways of referencing correct, find inspiration in the other articles. In addition, you could add to the quality of your article by using more than the 3 online sources you use today, preferably journal articles, books etc.

    • Done

My more specific questions and suggestions in chronological order (starting from the top):


  • There are some spelling errors in the abstract, e.g. Acronym and Areas are not spelled with a capital letter.
    • Done
  • The purpose of the SWOT matrix is very vague described: "to get the data, and get some ideas". I believe you could elaborate on what the purpose is. What data do the company get? You could also divide the purpose into two: What is the purpose for identifying strengths and weaknesses? What is the purpose of identifying opportunities and threats? Please consider these questions and add a bit more to the purpose description.
    • I've tried to explain this better in "How does the SWOT analysis work "

Introduction chapter:

  • First of all, please fix the picture so it fits the text, right now there are letters flying around which is confusing.
    • Done
  • In the first paragraph, you could add a bit more information about when, or in which situations, a SWOT matrix is beneficial to use.
    • Done
  • "You don't have to necessarily work for a particular company, to obviously conduct a SWOT analysis but there are a lot of different benefits". Maybe you could add a few concrete examples of benefits a company or project could have in using the SWOT matrix.
    • Done

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats chapters:

  • It is really nice with examples, but I think 1 or 2 examples for each chapter is sufficient. If you disagree, then please make sure to provide the same amount of examples for all chapters in order for the chapter to be coherent.
    • You are right about the number of examples, it would look much better with one or two examples for each chapter, but I think I have found more than one or two interesting examples, so I have kept them. I have chosen not to give any examples of "weaknesses", because I find it inappropriate
  • You could add a bit more describing text in the introduction of each of the chapters. An idea could be, to write some guidelines on how a company could find its own s/w/o/t's - write down the questions a company would have to ask themselves in order to identify s/w/o/t's.
    • Done

Type of factors:

  • I find this chapter unnecessary. You could use the content of this chapter in the general introduction chapter instead. In case you want to keep it I would suggest to add more descriptions to each of the subchapters, right now it looks very unfinished when there is only one line pr. sub chapter.
    • I have added a bit more information

How does the SWOT analysis work and goal statement:

  • Unfinished chapters (as of November 26th 16:00) and therefore not reviewed.
  • I would however suggest, that instead of making a list of ideas, then make an description of an example where the SWOT analysis has been applied. Otherwise you should rename the chapter to something other than "how does the SWOT analysis work"
    • goal statement has been removed, and I have moved How does the SWOT analysis work


  • Please revise this chapter after you're done with all the chapters. Right now it is very hard to understand, and doesn't fit as a nice ending of the article. E.g. this sentence is hard to understand: "There need to be done some good analysis, if you’re doing a cursory review of some of these different categories are not going to find the truly valuable things"
    • Done

Good luck!

    • Thanks a lot. Your peer review was very helpful

Review by secna

  • The overall topic is very relevant for project management. Im abit unsure about what Category this article falls it seems to be a mix of "introduction and overview" but with your examples it also seems abit like a case study. Perhaps you need to change your structure abit, so you present the theory first, and then come with examples after.
    • Done
  • the figure is very good, but you have to place it differently, so it isen't in the middle of a sentence. and remember figure text and to refer it within the text.
    • Done
  • the stemples within each section gives a pretty good idea about what the different swot areas means. but perhaps you should focus more on theory, and not so much on the examples. Try and see if you can find some articles which descripes swot, and what advantages it have.
    • Done
  • you could expand your article to include something about the second phase of swot analysis and not only focus on the matrix.
    • I have focused on the SWOT matrix/analyse
  • a Discussions part about what is good and bad about swot could be an good idea to add abit more context to the article.
    • I have tried to show my opinion in the different chapters
  • try to search for more Scientific articles to back up your claims
    • Done
    • Thanks a lot. Your peer review was helpful
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