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Review 1, DI2009

I just (29th of september) realized that I have review the wrong article (Project Integration Management), hope you have seen it anyway .

Reviewer 2, s150793

  • Topic and length: I think that the topic should be more specific and you should explain how the tool is used. The length of the article is too short, just around 1000 words.
  • Structure: I think that the structure of the article doesn’t really follow the “methods” structure. I would recommend to have a look at how this type of articles should be structured.
  • Images and tables: I think that the use of images and tables will help the readers to understand better the article. Remember to indicate the sources of the figures and to reference them in the text.
  • Writing style: Try to connect and relate the different ideas that you want to explain.
  • References: If you try to use more high quality references such as books and articles, your article will be more accurate. You should also reference all the passages of the text to reflect the sources where the information comes from. Remember to write a brief summary of each source.

Reviewer 3, Konspits

I should review Project Integration Management as assigned in the excel file but your student number is there, so I make the guess that you changed the title of your article. If I am wrong, please let me know.

General Overview: The topic is nice to explore and you can find tons of literature about Six Sigma. As you are following the method article, you should improve the structure and include more subjects. For instance, tools used in Six Sigma; might be interesting to read how a set of tools can contribute to the implementation of this lean concept. Format: No mistakes, and is easy to understand Content: You can enrich it more in my opinion. It would also be nice to use some illustrations and tables e.g for the methodology DMAIC - that way you will help your reader understand more about what this method does.


Thanks you for your valuable review. I've tried to follow and to accomplish all the points that you mentioned. I've tried to improve topic, length, structure, images, writing and references, although I had a hard time using the codes for referencing, as I never did something like this. On the topics DMAIC and DMADV I used illustrations and tried to simplify the explanations to help the reader the most. Thanks again! Rafael

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