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Feedback on Abstract

Text clarity Good
Description of the tool/theory/concept Good
Explanation of the purpose of the article Needs to be elaborated and more specific
Relevance to curriculum It could be relevant but make sure you don't focus on organisational management but keep the focus within portfolio management. It seems that this article is more relevant for organisational management
References Missing references. Here are the guidelines from DTU Library:

Feedback 1 | Reviewer name: Anna Shevchenko

Question 1 · TEXT

Quality of the summary:

Does the summary make the key focus, insights and/or contribution of the article clear?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 1

In my opinion, the summary is good enough and it makes clear the topic which will be further analyzed.

Question 2 · TEXT

Structure and logic of the article:

Is the argument clear?

Is there a logical flow to the article?

Does one part build upon the other?

Is the article consistent in its argument and free of contradictions?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 2

There is a good logical flow to this article.

Question 3 · TEXT

Grammar and style:

Is the writing free of grammatical and spelling errors?

Is the language precise without unnecessary fill words?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 3

In general the grammar is good with a few spelling errors.

Question 4 · TEXT

Figures and tables:

Are figures and tables clear?

Do they summarize the key points of the article in a meaningful way?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 4

I like the fact that you have used more than one pictures giving clear point of this article.

Question 5 · TEXT

Interest and relevance:

Is the article of high practical and / or academic relevance?

Is it made clear in the article why / how it is relevant?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 5

I believe that it is mostly academic.

Question 6 · TEXT

Depth of treatment:

Is the article interesting for a practitioner or academic to read?

Does it make a significant contribution beyond a cursory web search?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 6

The article is very interesting while showing how vital the organizational structure for portfolio management is.

Question 7 · TEXT

Annotated bibliography:

Does the article properly cite and acknowledge previous work?

Does it briefly summarize the key references at the end of the article?

Is it based on empirical data instead of opinion?

What would you suggest to improve?

Answer 7

You have used many references and this is very good while showing how professional work you have done. You can also use as a reference the PMBOK.

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