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In a traditional Gantt scheduling the link between activities or tasks are called dependencies, there are 4 types:

  • Finish-Start (FS)
  • Start-Start (SS)
  • Finish-Finish (FF)
  • Start-Finish (SF)

By defining the dependency between Start and Finish dates you are defining the type of link between activities or tasks. For example, the "Contact caterers" task must finish before the start of the "Determine menus" task.

Table1.-Task dependencies
Graph Task dependency Description
Types of dependencies.png
Finish-Start (FS) Task (B) cannot start until task (A) finishes
Start-Start (SS) Task (B) cannot start until task (A) starts
Finish-Finish (FF) Task (B) cannot finish until task (A) finishes
Start-Finish (SF) Task (B) cannot finish until task (A) starts
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