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Project management within volunteering organisations


First of all I find the idea and the topic of the article very interesting.


  • I would suggest another structure of the article. I am not sure about if the article is finished or not. If it is not finish is fine but if it is finished, instead of using only one main point, maybe you could use the current subpoints (from 1.1 to 1.6) as main points.
  • The article has some grammatical errors that need to be reviewed (principally related to singular/plural forms) e.g.: a study were done, though the study were done, specifically on group pitfalls of management within in volunteering project groups is... and also some small spelling mistakes. I suggest to copy/paste it in word in order to correct them easier.
  • I think that the style of the article is good, nevertheless sometimes I find short sentences alone thoughtout the text. It would be better if you elaborate a bit on them or just include them in a paragraph.
  • There are not formal errors in the pictures or figures. Also it seems that the author does not need the copyright to use them because he/she makes them.
  • I miss some Wiki-features such as external links, * points, etc...
  • Sometimes you write in the second person, I think it is better to use always the third person in a wiki-article (section 1.4).


  • Sometimes I can not see the relation between the article and project management. Maybe it would be a good idea to clarify more how project management is used within volunteering organization. It would be great to find some specific tools or techniques of project management that could be apply to volunteering organisations.
  • I think the article is a bit short (but maybe it is not finished).
  • The article is coherent and the logical flow throughout the article is great.
  • The article seems to be free of "copy & paste" plagiarism but I am missing more academic references (e.g.: papers, publications or project management books)
  • Some parts of the article seem more an opinion but it would be good if you base your feelings in some references. Another option could be to include a discussion at the end in which you state your own opinion or the pros and cons of the topic. E.g.: last paragraph of 1.2.
  • I really like the way you relate volunteering organisations project management with typical companies. However I think you should elaborate more on this part.
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