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Big Idea

The value proposition canvas is a way to determine what the customer wants and needs.


The value proposition is a sentence that sums up why exactly your product is good. Using value proposition to help you determine the scope will improve alignment between scope and client’s needs.


Key terms:

The Value proposition: This describes what you are designing in order to meet the customers needs and wishes. Products and services: What your product or service is build around.

Gain Creators:The positive outcome that your product or service creates for the customer.

Pain Relievers:How the product or service relieves pain.

Pains: Describes anything that annoys the customer in their lives both before, during and after getting a task done.

Gain: Describes all aspects of which the customer will experience gain. This can both be needs that are fulfilled or things that surprises the customer.

Customer Jobs: Describes either tasks the customer has to do, problems or needs of the customer.


  • Using wrong information or assumptions can twist the outcome in an unwanted direction.
  • Not looking at the Value Proposition Canvas as two separate building block.
  • Mixing several customer segments into one canvas.
  • Creating your Customer Profile through the lens of your value proposition.
  • Only focusing on functional jobs.
  • Trying to address every customer pain and gain.

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