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|Lean in Project Management
|[[Lean in Project Management]]
|Latorre Duque
|Latorre Duque

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Overview of 2015 Wiki Articles

Fall 2015 Wiki Articles
Last Name First Name Wiki User Name Link to Wiki Article
Filis Charalampos Ch.filis Project Management with Gantt-Charts
Sala Vilar Lluís Ròmul s141586 Portfolio Management in a Startup
Pitsavas Konstantinos Konspits Modularisation: A modern process for project management
Kampianakis Andreas s150912 Financial Portfolio Optimization Methods
Penzes Balint s141943 Portfolio management of LEGO
Hozmache Mihaela s146898 Risk Management
Le Corre Damien Damien Game theory in project management
Bertrand Fabien 150477 Multi project management
Cassel Sara Sarac The benefits of systems engineering
Sergi Gibaja Musachs S141926 Rapid Application Development in Extreme Project Management
Poza María s150793 Integrated Cost and Schedule Control
Kulikova Nataliia s140767 SCRUM Method
Pekala Adam Adam.pekala Critical Path Method in Construction Industry
Garnotel Gaëtan gaetangarnotel V-Model
Ghanizada Naweed S103745 PRINCE2, A Project Management Methodology
Jacobsen Martin MistaJacob Article Title and Link here
Ferraresi Fabrizio S150905 Projects in Controlled Environments, a process-based approach for project management
Tanghus Bjarke S113815 Location Based Scheduling
Højgaard Hindhede Daniel S143352 Critical path optimization in construction management
Gayot Charles-Henri s141074 Responsibility assignment matrix
Thorp Sørensen Anders s103183 The Gantt Chart
Makris Dimitrios Dimak Benchmarking in Project Management
Greiling Lea Lea Lean in Project Management
Latorre Duque Ana Ana Black-Boxing and Modularity
Almanzi Stefano S141530 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Montagner Giacomo S150821 Scrum Methodology in Agile Project Management
Ruiz Muñoz Gustavo Adolfo S150821 6 Sigma in project management
Kalmus Thomas S141938 Program evaluation and review technique (PERT)
Gudmundsson Arnar Gauti S141543 Program management in change management
Jacobsen Ian Thobias S113735 Story Points Estimation
Gibaja Musachs Sergi S141926 Rapid Application Development in Extreme Project Management
Otiv Peter s145166 Managing Uncertainty and Risk in a Project
Boesgaard Katrine KB1991 Gantt Chart
Sorth-Olsen Rasmus Sorth90 Lean as a project management tool
Salling Stephanie StephSalling Management in E. Pihl & Søn A/S
Ruina Jessica Linda Jejenji Scheduling techniques in Project Management
Gjerstrup Jacob s113440 Fault tree analysis in project management
Lynge Jane s997303 Theory of Constraint in project management
Palmerini Alessandro alex161 Article title and Link here
Tvedt Ida Marie IMT BREEAM - project management and sustainable development
Søndenaa Mathilde Hanssen s150621 Critical chain project management (CCPM)
Thorning-Schmidt Nanna Nannats Earned Value Management
Rasmussen Marie-Louise DI2009 Article title and Link here
Lara Hoces Fernando s131882 The Oticon Case
Christos Stamatis S145170 Olympic Games London 2012: When the client strives for innovation (The London model)
Moe Elizabeth Lindhard 113129 The Management of Supply Chains
Lessis Vasileios lessisv Link to Wiki Article
Klibo Buur Christian s117409 Project Execution Model (PEM)
Bachmann Thomas s117318 Lean Tools in Project Management
Vilar Bustos Alberto s142581 Minimizing Risk and Uncertainties in Construction Projects
Trap Wiegandt Sissel s112195 Using Kotters Framework for Change Management Projects
Christensen Britt Marie Lekven brittmch Lean in building and construction industry
Vestergaard Andersen Andreas AndreasAndersen Management of Project Changes
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