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Overview of 2015 Wiki Articles

Fall 2015
Kampianakis Andreas s150912 Financial Portfolio Optimization Methods
Penzes Balint s141943 Article Title and Link here
Kulikova Nataliia s140767 SCRUM Method
Pekala Adam Adam.pekala Article Title and Link here
Garnotel Gaëtan gaetangarnotel V-Model
Ghanizada Naweed S103745 PRINCE2, A Project Management Methodology
Jacobsen Martin MistaJacob Article Title and Link here
Ferraresi Fabrizio S150905 Projects in Controlled Environments, a process-based approach for project management
Poza María S150793 Integrated Cost and Schedule Control
Tanghus Bjarke S113815 Location Based Scheduling
Højgaard Hindhede Daniel S143352 Critical path optimization in construction management
Le Corre Damien Damien Game theory in project management
Gayot Charles-Henri s141074 Responsibility assignment matrix
Thorp Sørensen Anders s103183 The Gantt Chart
Bertrand Fabien s150477 Multi-projects: Planning optimization and conflict management
Makris Dimitrios Dimak Benchmarking in Project Management
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