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|[[Cost Control]]
|[[Cost Control]]

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Overview of 2019 Wiki articles

Spring Term 2019 Wiki Articles
13 Evgenia Chatzivasileiou s182299 Project Sponsorship
13 Theodoros Seremetakis s183272 Investment portfolio management
5 Federica Menti S182994 Getting Things Done (David Allen)
2 Panagiotis Vounatsos PanosVoun Epistemic vs. Aleatory uncertainty
9 Jack Frain Fraino12345 Stakeholder Management Processes in Projects
Group Number Pending Edoardo Braccini EdoBraa Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)
Group Number Pending Andrea Könnecke Andrea Könnecke Shannon & Weaver Model for Communication
Group 10 Srdjan Gluhovic srdjangluhovic Project Scope Control Management
Group Number Pending Casper Claudinger Casper Managing projects in a functional organization
8 Ronglian Wei Panda Lian Conceptual levels of competence
4 Jesper Wolters Wolters Resource allocation and crashing
3 Oliwia Sonia Lubiarz Meeting Management
Group Number Pending Francisco Almirudis Frank Almirudis Scheduling: Critical path, PERT and Gantt
Group Number Pending Bartlomiej Maciej Tyczynski Outcome, output, benefit
16 Brynja Benediktsdóttir Brynja Ben. The Periodic Table of Project Management
16 Jonina Thora Einarsdottir Jonina Thora Project Management Success Factors
Group Number 5 Pedro Lopes da Cunha PedroLopesCunha Project Management: Cost vs. Price
Group Number Pending Sarantis Pavlidis Sarantis Types of activities
Group Number Pending Rikke Andersen RikkeA Cognitive Bias
12 Johan Hilsøe s154073 Unidentified Risks
Group Number Pending Mads Kronholm Mads Kronholm DMAIC
Group Number Pending Anne Dittmann Anne Organisational Design and Structures
12 Thea Pedersen Thea Agile One Page Project Management
Group Number Pending Madalina Grigoras s186465 Value to whom?
4 Martin Eberholst Carlsen Martineberholstcarlsen Project Initiation Management in construction
Group Number Pending Rasmine Søgren s145320 Outcome
Group Number Pending Julie Rostgaard Andersen s123790 ...
Group Number Pending Dilan Casablanca Dilan Casablanca Prefabricated houses (industrial process)
Group Number Pending Sandro Pina SandroPina Create a pitch
11 Kristoffer Glahn s133378 Vision statement
Group Number Pending Maria Christina Prokou Mprokou Negotiation Skills
12 Amani Alabdullah s173307 Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
Group Number Pending Andreas Riposati Ripo Basic estimation techniques
10 Mark Christiansen s152736 Stephen Covey's seven principles
Group Number Pending Signe Bjerrum s141886 The Triple Constraint in Project Management
9 Sebastian Walther Sebastian Value Canvas in Projects
9 Keegan van Kooten Keegan Planning Poker for Improved Project Delivery
8 Hagos Zeru Gide Trhas BIM as a project management tool on construction companies
Group Number Pending William Durant Mangum Crisis Management when there is a Project Cost Overrun
9 Shri Tejas Vedula Tehass 7 The implementation of KPIs
9 Casper Gandil Qvortrup CasperGandil Application of Balanced Scorecard in Portefolio Management
Group Number Pending Mercedes Hachmann Mercedes Hachmann Design Thinking
Group 1 Rasmus Bjerg Rasmusbjerg Cash flow and milestone payments
Group Number Pending Moritz Gutheil MoritzGutheil Dan Pink on Motivation
Group 5 Giorgia Scartozzi GiorgiaS Resource-Constrained Critical Path Method
Group 3 Hannah Kürschner Hannah Projects integrating Sustainable Methods
Group 17 Daniel Vorting s141018 Product family master plan
Group 10 André Condamine S173349 Belbin's Team Roles
7 Kristine Kaulberg Kristbk Governance of Project Management
Group Number 17 Sai Mahesh Nadukuru Sm nadukuru Process Planning and Cost Estimation
7 Gustav Josephsen Gustav Josephsen Potentials of Key Performance Indicators
11 Rikke Louise Kjær Knudsen RikkeK Milestones in Project Planning
2 Hedin Gunnarsstein Poulsen hedinp Resources
3 Isabel Wang isabel.w Benefits Realization Management as a key driver of Project Management Effectiveness
12 Frederik Sørensen FTSN Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership
4 Simon Muurholm Hansen Muurholm Performance-based contracting
6 Charles Hemmingsen s122801 Programmification of work
17 Alberto Tognon s172420 Project Management in pharmaceutical industry
17 Stefano Di Lenardo s190056 A conceptual framework of sustainability in project management
5 Arndt Oschinsky AJO The Project Charter
16 Dana Rut Gunnarsdóttir s180289 Project Management Reporting
8 Anna Shevchenko Anutka SAFe
Group Number Pending Thomas Boel Morning Cost Control
6 Ole Moe s186359 Prince2
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