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The requirements for the articles written in previous Terms (2014, 2015, 2016, Jun 2017, 2017) were not the same as for Spring Term 2018 and 2019. Please make sure you read the requirements for your own fall/spring term carefully before starting your wiki article.

Please complete this table with your group number, full name, username and the title of your article.

To create more lines in the table click Edit and use the following code to create more lines in the table and replace the example text with your own information:

|Group Number
|First Name
|Last Name
|Link to Article

Create a direct link by making square brackets ([[ ]]) around the title such as Title

The straight lines ( | ) create columns and the straight line with a dash ( |- ) creates a new row in the table.

( |} ) is only used at the very end to finish the coding for the table.

Overview of 2019 Wiki articles

Spring Term 2019 Wiki Articles
Group Number First Name Last Name User Name Link to Article
Group Number Pending Panagiotis Vounatsos PanosVoun Epistemic vs. Aleatory uncertainty
Group Number Pending Jack Frain Fraino12345 Stakeholder Management Processes in Projects
Group Number Pending Edoardo Braccini EdoBraa Benefits Realisation Management (BRM)
Group Number Pending Andrea Könnecke Andrea Könnecke Shannon & Weaver Model for Communication
Group Number Pending Srdjan Gluhovic srdjangluhovic Project Scope Control Management
Group Number Pending Casper Claudinger Casper Managing projects in a functional organization
Group Number Pending Ronglian Wei Panda Lian Conceptual levels of competence
Group Number Pending Jesper Wolters Wolters Resource allocation and crashing
Group Number Pending Oliwia Sonia Lubiarz Meeting Management
Group Number Pending Francisco Almirudis Frank Almirudis Scheduling: Critical path, PERT and Gantt
Group Number Pending Bartlomiej Maciej Tyczynski Outcome, output, benefit
Group Number Pending Brynja Benediktsdóttir Brynja Ben. The Periodic Table of Project Management
Group Number Pending Jonina Thora Einarsdottir Jonina Thora Project Management Success Factors
Group Number Pending Pedro Lopes da Cunha PedroLopesCunha Project Management: Cost vs. Price
Group Number Pending Sarantis Pavlidis Sarantis Types of activities
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