Automated project monitoring methods

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==A combination of processes==
==Planning, monitoring and control==
==Qualitative methods==
==Qualitative methods==
===Through Project planning tools===
===Through Project planning tools===

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Monitor and control is a vital part of a project, to make sure a project follow course according to scope deadlines and cost, there is a need to collect relevant information and analyse it. If there is any deviation to the established cost, schedule, or scope, the project manager and stakeholder can take the necessary actions to address the problem as fast as possible, thus safeguarding against further deviations.

This article only discusses the different processes and methods to monitor a project, to collect relevant data for further analysis. Monitoring needs to be efficient and relevant, the kind of collected data varies widely from the kind of project (construction, software, research…) and from the way the project was planned.

Enabled by new technologies and to be more cost-effective, automatic data collection systems are increasingly becoming used in the industry and can supplement traditional processes. Project monitoring is therefore a rapidly evolving part of project managment.

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Planning, monitoring and control

Qualitative methods

Through Project planning tools

Manual monitoring

Quantitative methods

Remote collection

Data processing


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