Communication and Media Richness Assurance in High-performance Projects

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Case Studies

Having studied a selection of commonly used communication media, a look at how project communication in industry affects project success/failure classification may be interesting. In the following section three case studies are compared and contrasted in terms of their final delivery outcome and the impact in-project communication has had thereupon. The case studies have been selected based on shared project similarities and their varying degree of project communication success, ranging respectively from poor through adequate to good.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium[1], Dubai. The aquarium with acrylic-walled water tunnel is located inside the Dubai Mall; one of the World's largest shopping centres[2].

The aquarium was opened in 2008 with the official title as the World's largest indoor aquarium[3] (tank size: 51 x 20 x 11 metres). It also held the World record for the largest acrylic viewing panel[3].

In February 2010, large parts of the 12.1-million-square-foot Dubai Mall (the biggest shopping complex in the World at the time[4]), which houses the aquarium, had to be evacuated. A leak had developed in the viewing panel facade of the tank, causing water to flood across the floor of the ground level. "As the central part of the Mall was evacuated, the chairman of Emaar, the mall's developer, insisted that there was no leak and that there had been a technical misfunction with the operating device"[5]. However, public photos and video footage from the scene showed water gushing out of the tank.

Emaar later confirmed the leak in a statement, commenting "A leakage was noticed at one of the panel joints of the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall and was immediately fixed by the aquarium's maintenance team," it said. "The leakage did not impact the aquarium environment or the safety of the aquatic animals"[5].

Key points: 2010 flooding of Dubai Mall: critically located and deadly risky structure = Poor design! Critical aspects: 11 million litre tank, ... Project communication: Failure (This section is unfinished and will be expanded)


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