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Welcome to our wiki for doing projects - an online resource for managing projects, programs and portfolio's.

You can access the wiki either as…

Version 1

Project Program Portfolio Management | Doing Projects | Concept Box
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Main Page Wordcloud-doing-projects.png Conceptbox
(e.g. students at 42433) (e.g. students at 42429/42430)

Version 2

Table 1.-Project aspect: Purpose
Enabler Project Canvas
PURPOSE Vision Scope Success Criteria
Vision Statement Scoping Triple Constraint
SMART goals Goal hierarchy or Goal Breakdown Structure Limitations of the iron triangle
Project charter 1 The work breakdown structure in project management KPI
Value Canvas Requirements management Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
Brainstorming Scope creep (no content) Success factors
Project Governance Feasibility study (no content) Output, outcome, benefit
2 Front End Management Project Management in the Fuzzy Front End Benefits realisation management
Future Workshop Planning fallacy
Business Case
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