Kotter's 8- Step Change Model

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== Limitations ==
== Limitations ==
=== Updated version: Eight Accelerators ===
=== Updated version: Eight Accelerators ===

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In a dynamic world an organization have be able to adapt to changes in the market to keep being competitive. According to John P. Kotter each organization goes through eight specific phases during a change process.[1] These phases are described in Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model to guide organizations through change. This article will present The 8-Step Change Model as well as how to implement the model in an organization as a change management program. The 8-Step Change Model is a linear process divided in steps, meant to be used one time in an organization and best suited for a hierarchical organization. Since the model was published in 1995 Kotter have updated the model. The updated version called Eight Accelerators is different from the original by being dynamic and better suited for organizations which do not have a strict hierarchical structure.

Big idea



Updated version: Eight Accelerators

  1. Harvard Business Review | 1995 |"Leading change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail" |
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