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Welcome to our wiki for doing projects - an online resource for managing projects, programs, and portfolios.

This wiki is a result of the Technical University of Denmark's ProjectLab effort to provide Project Management education and enable access for everyone.The articles are solely student's result*, as they are required to develop an article about an aspect from the course Advanced Project Program & Portfolio Management, at DTU.

You can access the wiki either as an Author (e.g. students at 42433) or User (e.g. students at 42429/42430)


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Project Management wiki by DTU |Administration: |Christian Thuesen, Associate professor | |Theodosios Kokotas, student assistant |

*Disclaimer: The articles are created by DTU students. As part of the course, students are introduced to knowledge related to IP rights, plagiarism and copyright infringement. Additionally, the articles are a product of critical engagement of students with the literature review, and their aim is to contribute to the Project Management holistic field of science. If you discover any potential copyright infringement on the site, please inform thereof by sending an email to

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