Output, Outcome and Benefit in PRINCE2

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Before starting the project, it is essential to make sure that the project is worth to conduct which means the product will be desirable after finalization and valid throughout its lifetime. Deep knowledge about the project’s product is a crucial pending planning stage. PRINCE2 using terms “output, outcome, benefits” define the product, what changes the product will bring and the improvement which can be measured. This article will cover the meaning of these terms and what is the difference between them. Moreover, explanation of basic structure of PRINCE2 will be provided.


PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is the newest version of methodology PRINCE which is created based on the Project Resource Organisation Management Planning Technique (PROMPT). This is one of the most common methods used during managing a different kind of projects in the world. It has been constructed in the way allowing to be applied to the projects in diversified environment irrespective of the organisation, type, and scale. [1]

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