Power, politics and stakeholder management

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When managing any kind of project, programme or portfolio, different issues can occur that have an either positive or negative affect on the total outcome. These issues can be many different internal or external factors, as for example: the economy, natural incidents, people with specific agendas etc. An area of great importance with regard to these issues is stakeholder management, and how to navigate and handle different people, groups and organisations with relation to the project. “The ability of the project manager to correctly identify and manage these stakeholders in an appropriate manner can mean the difference between success and failure”.[1] Additionally managers will have to consider different key areas related to stakeholder management if this should be a success. The internal politics within organisations and the power and influence of stakeholders is crucial and should be considered with attention to specific factors.[2]

In this article stakeholders in relation to power and politics of different kind will be analysed and the classic stakeholder-mapping tool is presented as well as an assessment of power/influence in management.

The article comprises the following:

1. A description of when the stakeholder mapping is used and in the context it is applicable. Furthermore an explanation of how to acquire and exercising power/influence for management.

2. An applications guide of how to perform the stakeholder mapping.

3. A consideration of limitations within this topic.

Big idea





Annotated bibliography

[1] The book gives an overview of how to identify, and plan for management of stakeholders, as well as manage and control engagement with stakeholders in relation to project management.


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