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  • ...term Building Information Model (BIM) is introduced. A model used to store information of physical features and functionality of the facility as data that can be ...s add the time schedule along material's quantity, pricing and maintenance information to the 3D model. An upcoming feature of VDC is virtual reality, which gives
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  • ...his, three important methods are evaluated: the TFV-model (transformation, flow and value), the Last Planner System and the Location-Based Scheduling; conc ...the difference between the information required to make a decision and the information available. There are two concepts attached to this<ref> ''Graham M. Winch -
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  • ...nt. In this model (figure 4), there is a complete structure in the flow of information which is well controlled with the decoupling points and defines the desired ...e information. However, in the beginning of a project, as there is limited information available, uncertainty is further increased. To deal effectively with this
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  • ...Institute there are five steps (Figure 2) to determine the entire managing flow of the process from the beginning to the end: ... to the important role that the environment plays in a company. The latest information technology, and decision making are also included.
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  • *Create Flow; *Make those processes flow;
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  • ...ment contractor, and he will be responsible for the subcontractors and the flow of resources. ..., but it could include a wish to reduce buffers in warehousing, by sharing information and co-ordinating the suppliers. The focus of a supply chain is to establis
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  • ...y boxes (Picture 2). Each task has an Activity Identity Box which contains information regarding task name, duration, early start, early finish, late finish, late ...ion methods and equipments. CPM provides the projects manager with precise information on the effects of each variation or delay in the adopted plan and thereby i
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  • ...ists of five principles; Specify value, Integrate the value stream, Create flow by eliminating waste, Establish pull and Seek perfection (see description b |3. Create Flow by Eliminating Waste
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  • ... communicate each others to achieve the same goal and how people can share information in a larger scale. Visual communication is one of the methods used to communicate information or expression of ideas through a visual form.
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  • ...rom the earliest stages of the project's life cycle. The lack of available information or knowledge are considered to be some of the basic reasons that cause unce ...rtunities that may occur during the project's life cycle. In figure 3, the flow lines show how the roots of uncertainties influence the project. The arrows
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  • ...cholz, P.; Sacks, R.; Liston, K., 2008, "BIM Handbook: a Guide to Building Information Modeling for owners, managers, designers, engineers, and contractors"</ref> on construction projects since the benefits achieved through the use of information modelling are especially applicable to the challenges of diversified constr
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  • ...f screening all the options, the managers only identify the most important information and options. It follows that they cannot maximize their objectives. Rather
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  • ...n to contractors there are electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, etc. The flow of the different projects is entirely dependent on the planning and interac ...veloped waste, and therefore a shift in the industry was needed, to a more flow-based management. Lean Construction was evolved, and in 1993, the term was
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  • ...ere also has to be a very clear communication strategy, for information to flow efficiently within an organization. The duo needs to have a good chemistry
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  • style, timing and channel, organizations ensure everyone can access the information they need, when they need it. ...ations-management-strategy </ref>. It controls the bi-directional flow of information with stakeholders, thus encouraging their engagement. PRINCE2™ <ref name=
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  • to mitigate poor multitasking. One initiative is to provide prioritized information to all resources. A relay race works as an analogy. While each component in ... again merging as the project has intermediate deliverables. These complex flow are not optimally compatible with deriving a feeding chain with accompanyin
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  • The goal of PD is approached by producing useful information that reduces uncertainty and risk[7]. ...duct development phases, design decisions are made within the context of a flow of decisions[4], which implies that knowledge over the product, problems,
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  • *maximize flow by using iterative development to reduce development time; ...particularly for the first few Sprints, this facilitates communication and information sharing.
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  • ...//] ]][[File:1111.png |600px|thumb|right|BSB Project operation flow chart[] ]] ...because the Broad Town workshops were not fully constructed and production flow was not optimal at that time. Today a similar 17.000 m2 order can be produc
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  • '''Summary:''' The article discuss communication medias us ...rruptions or a noisy ambience can be very disturbing for the communication flow.
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