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Hello, I really like your idea to look at Game Theory applications in project management. I suggest to make sure you focus on specific examples, so that you do not get "stuck" in a general discussion. It is OK to start with a more general overview, but make sure you bring it down to an "application level" that is relevant for a project manager, and not leave it at a "philosophical" discussion.


The author has picked a subject which is very relevant for project, program and portfolio management.

The author gives a good introduction that immediately got my attention and interest. The subject is properly introduced and it is clearly stated what the purpose of the article is in relation to the subject.

The language of the article is fluent and with no mistakes in the grammar. The content of the article is clear and the author manages to keep a read thread throughout the article even though the suggested structure for "method" articles for this task is not completely followed. The author also has a way of writing that keeps the reader interested. The article consists of relevant figures that are clearly explained and make the article more interesting. However references to the figures are missing. A youtube video is also used in the article to demonstrate an example of game theory from the Olympic games to emphasize a point being made by the author which also makes the article more lively.

At the end of the article the author makes a very good conclusion summing up the most important aspects of the subject.

References are clearly stated at the bottom of the article. Good idea to split them into types of references. It would also be a good idea to put the references in the text as well so the reader is able to clearly read from the text what the source is. At the bottom of the main page for this course you can find information on how to do this.

Answer from the writer : Damien.

  • Thanks for the nice sentences at the beginning.

Considering the actual improvement recommended:

  • I didn't fully understand the referencing considering the figure but I feel they are enough introduced in the text.
  • I also tried to put some references inside the structure of the article in order to facilitate the reading.
  • Overall, some goods and helpful remarks. The beginning may be too descriptive, I was glad to see that you thought I was doing ok but it didn't help to improve.

Ana – Reviewer 1

I find the topic very interesting and structured, I like the motivation given in the abstract even though it seems complex. The author gives a good introduction to the theme and I find it relevant for students in this course.

The article explains a method and gives few examples with good and developed explanations. To address cases helps the reader to follow the topic. The grammar and the writing style make easy to follow the article and the sentences are well formulated.

I may would need a more clear explanation for the figures as it was a bit hard for me to relate it with the example.

I think the elements of the article are well formatted (figures and video). The video gives a dynamic view of the topic that aids to catch the reader’s attention.

According to the size of the article I found it a bit long in the beginning but it can be explained because of the examples that I found necessaries to explain the topic. I liked that there are links to the resources the author has use to elaborate this article, I found it interesting. But it is not explained the content of each link.

The conclusion is well summarized, it addresses the important points.

Answer from the writer : Damien.

  • Thanks for your review. The beginning was very encouraging and I appreciated it.
  • Considering the explanation of the figures I thought it was a very important point to raise and I've done my best in order to make the maths and figures more accessible to the reader.
  • The beginning is indeed a little bit long, but as you I think it is absolutely necessary to understand the subject.
  • Last point : I've tried to improve the references throughout the text and I've explained the content of each link.
  • Overall, a good and encouraging review which raised some important issues (but missed some!) in the article.

Reviewer username: s103128 (Martin Larsen) – Reviewer 2

Hello author of “game theory in project management”. I think you have written a very good article, with a lot of information and depth regarding game theory.

-I like your introduction to the subject. It very quickly gives the reader an idea about what game theory is.

-Your use of figures to support your examples are very good, and that video is perfect in the badminton example!

-The structure of your article is nice, and in line with the template for a “method” article. The length of the article also seems to be in line with the requirements. - Your examples are in general good, and also supports the remaining text well. However, I would advise that you look through them one more time to make sure that they are more understandable. - In the prisoner game, it would have helped me a bit to know that the objective is to reduce number of years for the individual prisoner. Do this before you start with the strategy etc.

-The same is the case in the badminton example, I find your explanation slightly confusing. I only fully understood it because I watched those matches! BUT, the video is awesome, and it makes the point very clear. But it should support, not be the main explanation.

-Your language is descent, and you structure your sentences well. Still, I would really advice that you spent some time on grammar. You have a number of grammatical errors, some of them are typing errors. You could also add some commas to long sentences, it will help the reader. I will advice against the use of contractions, like won’t and let’s, in a wiki article, but that is a matter of opinion. In my opinion, a grammatical review could improve your article. And you have probably already planned to do this, just sayin’!

-Your article contains all the information needed on game theory, but I kinda miss the connection to project management? You mention management and strategy, but not project management as far as I can see? And it is in the title after all!

-I think you could improve your “limitation” paragraph. It is a bit confusing to me that most of this paragraph is more examples. Examples are good, but you have a lot in this article. I would like to see the bullet points of the paragraphs elaborated a bit more than “just” by example. It is somewhat difficult for me to link these examples (only in this paragraph) with the bullet pointed statements. -Your reference list could have more content, and remember to describe each source

-It is very nice that you use equations to support your arguments, but I will suggest that you use the equation tool, at least for some the equations. Equations done in “word format” gets very confusing very fast in my opinion.

Overall, I think you have written a good and insightful article. Especially your technical knowledge on the subject is awesome! The only thing I really miss is a bit more perspective, especially in relation to project management (because it is in the title). You are very good at letting the reader know the techniques and concepts of game theory, but remember to argue why it is important, and why it is a strong tool!

Good luck with your article! / Martin

Answer from the writer : Damien.

  • Thanks, no changes.
  • Thanks, no changes.
  • Thanks, no changes.
  • Thanks, I've did what you recommended and tried to explain the examples and figures more precisely.
  • Thanks, same as precedent.
  • Thanks, totally agree. I've done my best to make my point clearer for the reader.
  • Thanks, probably the most important remark I had. I'm not used to write in English and I realized that a lot of work needed to be done in that regards. I've done my best to improve the article, making it more formal and more comprehensible.
  • I've tried for most of the examples to relate it more precisely to project management and management in general. I've also added some brief conclusion at the end of some parts to resume the contribution towards management.
  • I understand your point of view, I still think the examples are important but I tried to add more general explanations in order to improve the "limitation" part.
  • Thanks, done.
  • Thanks, great remark. I've did my best to master the equation tool and employ it correctly in order to make the formulas less confusing.
  • I've done my best to follow your advices regarding the conclusion.
  • Overall a very good and helpful review. It helps me a lot to focus on the different issues regarding my article. The grammar and the formal style was, I think, a very important point that I didn't notice at all before your review.
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