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REVIEW by Liclawio

  • In general, a very nice setup of wikipage. Seems like proper use of the wiki platform.
  • Very good overview article of the theory on the field, and following the setup more or less to the letter
  • Really good length of article, especially considering last parts still missing at current time.
    • Updated with last part.
  • Nice structure overview. Concise sentences and paragraphs making it easy to read though the article.
  • In general good language. However, you should consider a quick spell check in Word or other software also including grammar check (fx. customer). Also spell check figures and tables
    • Consider whether the article should be written in UK or US English and/or look through spelling. Both words with ou and only o in text (fx. labour/behaviors). Also remember use of “z” vs “s” when considering UK vs US
      • Changed the words i found to US. Also used Word to correct some grammar and spelling.
    • Consider single/plural forms (is/are, with/without “s” on endings).
      • Thank you, as far as I know it's changed.
  • Nice figures. Could perhaps be included, explained of referenced a bit more through the text. Also a bit difficult to see, whether own figures/tables or taken from elsewhere, and in that case whether they are copyright protected.
    • I referred the the figures in the text, and added in what material they are based on.

Review - B wiki

Formal aspects:

  • Some grammatical errors, for example:
    • Verbs in singular and plural: “These two interpretations are…”, “they together strive…”, “there are several…”
      • Fixed these examples
    • Word order: “productivity spent hours
      • Tried to change the word order in this sentence
    • Past participles for irregular verbs: “spent”, “shown
      • These examples are changed'
    • Not appropriate use of auxiliary verbs: “does not recognize
      • Think it's right now
  • Some repetition can be avoided by using pronouns
    • I read through the text and didn't find what you mean.
  • In general, not too long sentences that help to follow what you are saying
  • You used very nice illustrations to explain the concept. Also useful summary tables
  • References are appropriately used
  • At the end of some sections you put two bullet points without introducing them before. Maybe you still have to work on them
    • A mistake to still have them in the text, and the last part is added.

Concept aspects:

  • The abstract, in general, is good. You get into the topic quite fast and this is nice for understanding what is all about.
  • The topic is interesting and is related to the subject
  • Really nice structure of the article
  • The length is appropriate for this kind of topic (aprox. 3000 words)
  • Many references are good to see that the sources are reliable
  • The text doesn’t seem to be copied and pasted. When necessary, you used inverted commas (that’s ok)
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