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Mette: I like your idea. It seems like you want to look at different theories, model and methods in your article for have to manage project changes, but maybe you should consider to just focus on one or two model/method. This way it is possible to go deeper with the chosen model(s) and to discuss the differens between the use of the models.


s150799 reviewer nr.1

Overall impression:

  • The article has a good structure, correct use of the Wiki-style. There is a good balance of the different topics.
  • Good use of examples, it makes it easy to understand the concept.
  • Good explanation too graphical illustration in the text, this gives a good overall appearance and is highly effective.
  • “Management of Project Change” is an interesting project management tool, and the text explain it so it is easily understood.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: Thanks for all the positive feedback

Improvement areas:

  • There are some grammatical errors. Mostly spelling and some sentences that are missing words like “the, are, is”. To increase the flow for the reader this should be corrected. For example :”… very difficult thing master.,” where “to” is missing to complete the sentence.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: I have been reading the article many times now to correct all the grammatical errors.

  • To me the reference list is not easy to understand, but it is most likely not completed.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: The reference list is now completed.

  • There is no annotated bibliography or description of limitation of this tool before the conclusion.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:I have created a annotated bibliography section and a limitation section.

Suggestion of improvement:

  • The reference list should maintain name of the author, the name of the page the article is collected and sometimes the date it is read. This is so that it is easier to quickly see where the source is from, and if it is legit.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: You are right. That´s now fixed.

  • The pictures are a little small; the text can be hard to read. So adjusting them up would improve the quality.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Good idea. I will try to adjust the pictures.

  • I would suggest to make a own section about limitation of the tool, so that there is more discussion and not just explanation of theories.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: I have created a limitation section.

Review 2:

Nice job, it has a good structure and understandable headlines. Here is a few pointers:

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Thanks you

  • Where is the abstract? The first paragraph sounds like a definition of project change. An abstract should describe what the article is about and conclusions from the entire article.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:I have created a introduction in the beginning of the article and the conclusion is in the end of the article.

  • A recommendation is to delete “In this article, the following topics will be described…” and the topics, that’s what the content table is for.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Thanks for the advice. I have been referring to the table instead.

  • The models look very nice and are well explained, good. Great job if you made them yourself but if not, remember a reference.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Thanks a lot. The figures has now references.

  • Missing references all over the article, remember to insert references every time you write a fact. Also it's missing names ect.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:This is now fixed.

s103183, Reviewer 3:

  • Overall a very nice article. It easy to understand and follow the flow of the article.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Thanks a lot

  • You have some nice models and you explain them well. However you might want to change ”Model 2” to ”Model 3” in the section ”The value for money (value and cost) phase).

Answer from AndreasAndersen:Thanks. This now changed.

  • Some places the wording is a bit weird or some words are missing like ”the changes not will result”. It is also called the fourth and fifth where you mention the activities from Model 2. I think these mistakes are a typo but try to read the article again in a day or two and pay attention as it can be disturbing when reading the article.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:I have been reading the article many times now to correct all the grammatical errors.

  • One of the things I feel like is missing from the article is a Limitation section where you discuss some of the limitations regarding the topic.

Answer from AndreasAndersen:I have created a annotated bibliography section and a limitation section.

  • It seems as something went wrong with the reference list. Maybe take a look at some of the other articles and see how they have used their references. I would also like if you could put in references for the models you use.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: The reference list is now completed.

  • I would recommend adding an ”Annotated Bibliography” as it is expected according to the guidelines for the articles.

Answer from AndreasAndersen: I have created a Annotated Bibliography section.

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