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Reviewer 1: Lea

  • You are following the Method-article type. The general outline of your article gives good guidance to the topic. I am missing a bit of the application or implementation part.
  • Structure: There is a good structure but the “abstract” in the beginning and the first heading introduction are not very clear. A short summary of the article would be good. Also an abstract should not exceed 200 words.
  • Introduction. It is said that one ISO guide complements the other. Is this information relevant? Maybe an explanation of why you start out with the ISO guide.
  • There are a few spelling mistakes, but your sentences are short and can be easily read.
  • The figure in the beginning cannot be read. Maybe change the pixel size. If you do not have more complimentary figures, I think it is fine. Otherwise one or two more pictures would give a better overview.
  • The subject is interesting and definitely corresponds to the course subject. Since there are still some Headings without text, I guess you are not done writing yet. For the further progress I would suggest to try and get more “grip” on the topic. Narrow it down in the end to maybe one tool.
  • Sources are unfortunately a little sparse. I would suggest to get more information from relevant articles or books.
  • Annotated bibliography has not yet been added.
  • Some words are highlighted in the text but they are just linked to a blank page. Maybe you wanted to link the text to other wiki articles?
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