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Feedback on Abstract:

Text clarity The text sounds comprehensible and coherent
Language OK
Description of the tool/theory/concept Describes the use of the tool/theory/concept in a retail context, no clear application in a retail Portfolio, Program or Project management context.
Purpose explanation There is not explanation of the purpose of the article, try to explain the intention of the article
Title of the Wiki OK


The abstract mentions "The use of agile Project Management approaches to IT and Business", explains the current situations and trends in the retail sector and the requirement of "new management approaches and innovative tools for the Supply Chain" but fails to explain or connect this tool(s)/theory(s)/concept(s) with the strategy (Omnichannel strategy) described in the abstract in relation of the management of Portfolio(s), Program(s) or Project(s) in the retail sector.

The abstract describes the potential benefits of the strategy, but does not explain what is the purpose of the tool(s)/theory(s)/concept(s).

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