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Abstract Feedback

Text Clarity; Ok.

Language; Ok.

References; missing one more reference.

Annotated bibliography is a list of articles, books or documents followed by a briefly descriptive and evaluative paragraph, what you have under your annotated bibliography section is a reference.

Can you elaborate more the abstract. what is the relevance for Project Manager?

Updated Feedback

Text clarity, language and references are ok.

You already updated and modified the annotated bibliography and references.

The abstract is ok, when developing the article don´t forget to elaborate and explain why is relevant for a Project Manager and what would be the implications for failing in the Project Scope Management.

Check the ISO standard, and try to see if there is any substantial difference.

Regarding the PMBOK references, there are 6th editions, please identify which edition is your reference and try to use the latest one if it is possible.

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