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Dear Siri, Thanks for your wiki abstract. The case study you want to elaborate on is really nice. I totally like to topic and I think it makes sense in the PPPM context. From your abstract though I don't really get what is your focus area.

- Try and be more explicit regarding the relevance for project / program / portfolio managers. We are not writing the article for professionals in general, but for this specific target group.

- Sharpen the focus. At the end, you will get most points for an "applicable" article, where you discuss a particular approach to the point where a reader can use it (ideally with templates and examples). A general "overview discussion" should briefly happen in the introduction, so the reader understands the context, but this should not be the entire article.

- Review the suggested article structure in the Wiki assignment on CampusNet (or in the class handbook), and make sure you cover all the relevant aspects. You are free to deviate from it you think that makes more sense for your assignment.

- A suggestion that I give to all students is to be critical. At the end of the article give ur own idea about it. Explain pro and cons and find literature about it to prove your thesis.


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