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Anna: I like the topic a lot, it gives great opportunity for discussing the advantages and limitations of this tool and also give pointers on how this should be used in the most efficient way!

Reviewer 2: Lea

  • Your article is well written. You have a good and fluent writing style. Sentences are coherent and the reader can easily follow through the paragraphs.
  • From the structure you are following the method-article. I would suggest to add more sub-heading on order for the reader to be able to follow the theme or your article more.
  • Grammar and sentence-structure are fine.
  • You have not used any figures but some visualization would make the topic more readable.
  • The topic is interesting and applies to the course. As mentioned above, I would recommend to add more subheadings to facilitate reading.
  • As you mentioned, you are not done with the article yet. Right now the word count is far below 3000. More structure and headings might help you to identify spots where more information is needed.
  • There are no sources in the text. In my opinion you should concentrate on adding more information to your article by revising relevant articles and books which will also give you the opportunity to add information to the annotated bibliography.
  • You haven’t added any links but mentioned for example Work Breakdown Structure. An article was formulated this year which you could link to your text. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Concerning Plagiarism you have to be sure to add sources to the text.
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