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Projects are generally complex attempts to achieve something. However, a precise schedule model allows the project to be abridged into manageable groupings or phases. Project performance is reported and monitored when progress against these activities and milestones is recorded. The different types of activities are relevant to scheduling and forms of changing and crashing (accelerating) a schedule. This practice standard is organized in five main sections:

  • Section 1 - Introduction. This section provides the definition of the project's activities.
  • Section 2 - Sequence Activities
  • Section 3 - Determine Resources for Each Activity
  • Section 4 - Determine the Duration for Each activity
  • Section 5 - Estimation of Activity Durations

Resource-dependent activities

  • Duration can be changed.
  • The duration of the activity can be halved if the resources are doubled (experienced employees).
  • Examples: programming, digging, drawing work
  • Speed up: add more people

Process-dependent activities

  • Activities where the duration is determined by a process that must be implemented to achieve the desired result.
  • Characterized by that it can't be rushed
  • Examples: pregnancy, curing of concrete, training and education of employees
  • Speed up example: Difficult, in some cases through e.g. change of equipment

Procedure-dependent activities

  • Activities where a certain procedure must be followed
  • The uncertainty related to the outcome of the procedure.
  • Examples: steering committee meetings, consultation of stakeholders
  • Speed up example: Ebola and the change on regulation

Problem-dependent activities

  • Activities to solve a problem.
  • Innovation is paramount. Can be difficult to estimate the duration
  • Examples: design tasks, development, creative tasks
  • Speed up example: difficult, through intermediary deadlines or forcing an end - 'time boxing'
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